Robert Bradshaw


Lighting Design & Operation

Robert has been involved with OTMYT since their first production and enjoys working with everybody there. He is a student at Christleton High School, and has been a part of every production since Beauty and the Beast, in 2017 where he was SFX Operator. At CHS he has designed the lighting, with help from Oliver Hynds, for a number shows including RENT and Annie. Since he is a student at Christleton, he is often asked to help out with other performances, such as the annual music concerts.

As well as his technical theatre with work Christleton High School and OTMYT he has been involved with Castaway Theatre and Tip Top Productions.

In addition to this work in musical theatre, Robert has been involved with the Scout's 'Chester Gang Show' and also as a technical assistant for the entertainment at Chamboree; a week long international Scout camp.

Robert loves working in technical theatre but can't quite decide if he would like to choose it as a career path, or follow his passion for science and maths.